You’ll Never Forget Your Reusable Bags At Home After Reading This. Flat-Out Frightening.

I knew the world was wasteful when it came to plastic, but wow.

1. Total number of plastic bags used worldwide annually: 1 trillion

2. Total number of plastic bags China consumes everyday: 3 billion

3. Total number of plastic bags used every minute: 1 million

4. Total number of years it takes for a plastic bag to degrade: 1,000 years

5. Total amount of plastic bags that were discarded in 2008: 3.5 million tons

6. Total amount of plastic floating in every square mile of ocean: 46,000 pieces

7. Average amount of plastic bags consumed per family in 4 trips to the grocery store: 60

8. Percent of plastic made every year that will end up in the ocean: 10%

9. Total amount of plastic bags used by U.S. citizens every year: 100 billion

10. Average amount of plastic bottles a U.S. household will use each year: 500

11. Percent of household waste that is plastic: 11%


Scouted via Statistic Brain


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